Who We Are

Bhakti Life offers courses, workshops, retreats and counseling that help support the spiritual lives of both devotees and people new to Krishna consciousness.

Our programs are highly interactive, facilitating personal discovery, growth and change. Courses are fun, eye-opening, introspective and practical and are aimed at helping participants make permanent improvements in their spiritual lives. We specialize in offering courses that help devotees (and aspiring devotees) in the areas most needed for their continued spiritual growth.

In order to go more deeply into the particular areas of bhakti our courses cover, and in order to have a deeply transformational experience, we find it essential to schedule our courses over a full weekend (or longer). We also find it especially powerful for devotees to focus an entire weekend solely on improving their Krishna consciousness. The added benefit of this is the deepening of relationships among devotees and strengthening of your community.

Our courses also fill the need of aligning the culture of ISKCON with the philosophy of Krishna consciousness. When our practices are not accompanied by the knowledge and realization necessary to nourish the practice, we find a disconnection between the heart and head. Our courses are aimed to empower devotees to align their practice with their heart and thus make their lives more congruent with the teachings of Krishna consciousness.

We develop our courses through research and testing, applying professional seminar facilitation principles and techniques in delivering them. This website lists all the courses, workshops, and retreats we presently offer along with brief descriptions. Click here for a PDF version of our catalog