Transforming Your Life Through Prayer

We look at what we ask through prayer and investigate ways in which some of these desires may reflect misunderstandings, fears, unreal hopes, lack of purity, or unfounded concerns about surrendering to the Supreme.
Through confronting and working through these misgivings, devotees come to realize that faith in Krishna’s protection and love enables them to freely pray to advance in pure bhakti.  This process is aided by an investigation of the essence of pure bhakti in philosophy and practice, through the study of the psychology behind the prayers of great devotees.

Devotees are then ready to use prayer as a transcendental goal setting and life directions process in which they both confront their biggest personal obstacles to pure bhakti as well as their deepest Krishna conscious aspirations. Devotees then develop personalized prayers as a means of empowering them to overcome those obstacles and move closer to their Krishna conscious goals.

This workshop opens the heart in new ways and allows devotees to more deeply connect with and more freely express their Krishna Conscious aspirations.

This is an excellent course to precede The Life of Forgiveness and can be offered in full or part in conjunction with it. 

Timing: Friday night 7 to 9, Saturday 10 to 5 and Sunday 10 to 5.