Strengthening Your Vows -Being Committed In A Non-Committal World

Commitment to one’s vows is fundamental to the practice of bhakti. Yet many devotees find it difficult to maintain the vows they take, be they initiation vows, marriage vows, or the simple commitments they make to themselves.
However, there are tools and attitudes that empower one to deeply connect with their word of honor and improve their relationship with commitment.

Learning and practicing this makes a significant difference in one’s ability to honor their commitments. As such, this course is greatly needed in ISKCON.

This training offers those who have taken initiation strategies and tools that will help them re-commit to their vows with greater depth, strength and determination. For those aspiring for initiation, this seminar offers insight into the meaning of commitment and the mentality required to maintain one’s vows throughout one’s life. Those who currently don’t plan to take initiation will also benefit from these insights as well as understand the role vows play in their own spiritual advancement, what vows are realistic for them, and how to better follow the vows they have taken (and will take in the future).

Fully committing to one’s vows is a continual challenge. This workshop acts as a support system for all devotees who wish to maintain and strengthen their vows.

Timing: Friday 7 pm to 9 pm, Saturday 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm.