Sadhana Course

The Sadhana Course is for devotees wishing to improve their sadhana and go deeper in Krishna consciousness.
The course focuses on:
• Improving and vitalizing one’s sadhana (including japa)
• Ways to better deal with real world challenges faced while living and working outside the temple
• Balancing material and spiritual life
• Building better devotee relationships (including other topics that relate to this)
• Dealing with common and difficult obstacles
• Attitudes that  impede or advance bhakti
• Overcoming emotional, mental and behavioral conditioning
• Better applying spiritual principles in daily life 
Many important aspects of bhakti that cannot be given proper attention in short classes and seminars are explored. More importantly, we discover how these issues relate to our personal lives and our practice of sadhana. 
The Sadhana Course is meant to energize and improve one’s daily practice of sadhana. One of the primary ways this is done is through the practice of sadhana at the workshop. Therefore, the schedule includes a full morning sadhana program beginning at 4:30 am. There is no Friday night session so that participants can get to bed early. 
Thus, the Sadhana Course is especially appreciated by those who have never lived in an ashram or who are currently not regularly attending a temple morning program.
The Sadhana Course was conceived as a way to help devotees periodically improve their sadhana as well as come closer together as a community. It is therefore helpful to offer this course once or more each year in your community. Each successive course will review the material from previous courses as well as add new material (and make the previous material available to first time participants).

Timing: Saturday 4:30 am to 8 pm and Sunday 4:30 am to 4 pm (also includes breakfast).