Online Japa Workshop

This workshop consists of a series of exercises that take only 15-20 minutes to complete each day. Participants read the materials in any given exercise, watch the videos or listen to audio clips if they are included, then chant japa for at least four rounds while mediating upon the assigned concept.

After chanting at least four rounds of japa, everyone composes an entry of realizations and meditations in the Online Japa Journal. This produces two results: 1.) Keeping a Japa Journal helps one review their own practice 2.) Each posting is sent to all others in the Workshop via email creating a source of inspiration for one another, sadhusanga (association of devotees).

Completing these systematically designed tasks each day for four weeks will surely improve one's japa. As participants progress through this series of unique exercises they will experience a natural growth and deeper meditations upon Lord Krsna, His name, form, qualities and pastimes while chanting.

The benefit of attending this workshop will not only reveal itself during the event, but continues long after as participants put to practical use the skills and knowledge they acquire. Practitioners will find that concepts and strategies discussed in this progressive series of exercises are like building blocks upon which to develop better japa habits throughout our entire lives, as well as guiding us deeper into our relationship with Lord Krsna and His holy name as we perform the yuga-dharma for this age of quarrel.

Facilitator's for this Workshop are Srila Prabhupada's initiated disciples Dhruva Maharaja dasa & Samapriya dasi.

Enrollment Donation - $108

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