Mahatma Dasa


Mahatma Dasa is the founder of Touchstone Training, a company that facilitates workshops, retreats and online courses on spiritual self development and co-director of Bhakti Life. He personally facilitates courses on forgiveness, meditation, prayer, vows, kirtan (chanting) and bhakti (devotional yoga). He is also well known for his music, having produced six soothing mantra meditation CDs.
Mahatma has the gift of showing you how to look at one thing in amazingly different ways. He helps you open up, be yourself, and find deeper meaning in life. The practical insights he brings to his workshops are based on 40 years of his own spiritual practice, study and teaching.
Mahatma is not just a speaker or lecturer. He doesn't tell you what to believe. He is a facilitator that connects you with your own buried treasures.
The insights and benefits you receive at his workshops will continue to help you improve your life long after his seminars are over.