The Japa Workshop

All the principles taught in the Level One Japa Retreat are covered in the Japa Workshop although less time is available for chanting, exercises and discussion – and there is no 64 rounds day. It is held at a private location, either on temple property or in a rented location (a location in which the workshop will not be disturbed by visitors). Devotees do not stay overnight (although if you prefer to have an overnight workshop, this can be arranged).

Upcoming Events


Course registration costs are determined by location and are generally $25 per person. In addition participants offer a donation at the end of the workshop.

From the Course

"Chanting is not just a process, it is a relationship. You and the holy name are together for two hours every day. If you are conscious of this while you chant, your chanting will dramatically improve."

"We all know there are things we can immediately do to improve our chanting. And we intuitively know what they are. So why aren’t we doing them? Perhaps it’s because we are willing to accept a lower standard of japa."