The Japa Retreat

The Japa Retreat was developed by Sacinandana Swami to help devotees go deeply into their chanting— and thus go deeper into their relationship with Krishna. Seeing how easy it is to take chanting for granted, Maharaja saw the need to create an environment in which devotees would get more out of their chanting, overcome bad habits, and begin to relish the Holy Names in ways that would have a transforming effect on them. Thus, the Japa Retreat is held at a retreat center where all the devotees live together for the entire retreat. The retreat goes from 7 am to 8:30 pm (the japa period is before 7 am). One day is reserved for chanting 64 rounds and a vow of silence. The Japa Retreat has various levels, each level adding two days, one of which is for an additional 64 round day.

From the Course