The Heart Of A Vaishnava –Exploring The Power Of Humility And Honesty

Devotees gain a deeper understanding of the meaning and practice of humility and its intrinsic position in devotional service. Devotees also explore how their level of humility affects their:

• Relationships
• Taste for chanting
• Ability to accept and tolerate life’s reverses
• Willingness to depend more on Krishna.
• Desire and ability to honestly access their standing in bhakti
• Tendency to either find fault or appreciate other devotees
• Effectiveness as teachers, preachers, and leaders.
We discuss how humility manifests in both the stages of devotional service in practice and in perfection (sadhana and sadhya), how we practice humility in the stage of sadhana, and the difference between humility and low self esteem.

We also explore the subject of pretense, how we may act in ways to get others to believe certain things about us and how this topic relates to duplicity and straightforwardness.

The aim of the course is to help devotees gain a stronger attraction and desire to practice humility, both externally and internally.

The practice of humility has tremendous ramifications on our personal spiritual advancement, our personal relationships, and the culture of our movement.

Timing: Friday night 7 to 9, Saturday 10 to 5 and Sunday 10 to 5