The Bhakti Course - Level one

Many people today are looking for spirituality that is not confined to or interpreted by a specific religion. Imagine what it might have been like to sit at the feet of a great spiritual teacher  and hear about the higher purpose and meaning of life, free from the interpretation and indoctrination that later surrounded these teachings. This is how people describe the Bhakti Course.

Held in the comfort of a relaxed setting, the Bhakti Course will help you achieve greater self awareness and deeper levels of happiness and satisfaction. You are facilitated to come to your own realizations and conclusions and given simple tools and techniques you can practice daily to discover and connect with your higher Self.

The Bhakti Course takes spirituality beyond the realm of sectarian faith and into the world of science.  It is not about “becoming” spiritual but realizing you already are and you already hold the key to your own happiness.

If you are currently on a spiritual path, the Bhakti Course tools and materials will enhance and empower your practice, helping you achieve more from what you are already doing. Its wisdom and practices have guided many highly evolved ancient cultures and are being embraced today by people from all walks of life as more and more come to know about and realize the immense benefits of yoga, meditation and Eastern thought. The course uniquely connects the timeless teachings of Bhakti - the yoga of the heart - to the issues and challenges of modern life.

As you learn, grow and raise your consciousness, you will have a more positive effect on those  around you. Thus the world gets better as you get better. It has never happened any other way.

The call to “know thyself” remains as important and relevant today as it did when this truth was first spoken. It is what gives life meaning and purpose. Yet in our search for happiness it’s ironic that many of us don’t find enough time for self reflection. Offer yourself the gift of a weekend that will open your heart, transform your consciousness, align your life and renew your spirit.

Although the content of the course is profound, the context in which it is presented is light and fun.
Another important aspect of the course is the like minded people you meet and the friendships you make. Association with high vibrational people is an important part of any spiritual practice.

You will be guided by experienced Bhakti Life facilitators who are dedicated to your spiritual growth and success and who are there to fully support you during the Bhakti Course weekend.

The Bhakti Course is a complete workshop on living as a spiritual practice.

From the Course

You will learn:

* to connect with your higher Self,
* to tap into an unlimited source of
* happiness at any time,
* to make peace with your karma,
* to use the power of mantra to uplift your
* consciousness and open your heart,
* to create a lifestyle of higher consciousness,
* how your thoughts affect others,
* why having more always fails to deeply satisfy you
* and much more.