First Step to Bhakti

This free course introduces you to the fundamental principles of bhakti and prepares you for further study if you choose.

Through this course you will learn the basic foundational principles of the science of bhakti yoga.

You might have heard the word bhakti already, perhaps through our friends at Or perhaps you attended a kirtan connected to a yoga studio and learned that it came from the bhakti tradition. Maybe you are connected to India where bhakti is a household word.

Or perhaps the word is entirely new to you.

Whatever your familiarity, this course will help you to either enter entirely new territory or help build your foundations in familiar ground.

It's important for us to say from the outset that this is not a complete course in bhakti, but just an introduction. Our goal is to prepare you for further study if you choose while giving you the basics of bhakti principles.


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