Bhakti Life offers seminars, courses, workshops, and retreats for achieving full and meaningful spiritual life.

Our programs are highly interactive, facilitating personal discovery, growth and change. Courses are fun, eye-opening, introspective and practical and are aimed at helping participants make permanent improvements in their spiritual lives.

Bhakti yoga, as offered by Bhakti Life, is based on the spiritual knowledge and techniques given by Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita and handed down through the Gaudiya Vaishnava lineage of Sri Chaitanya.

What is a Bhakti Life Workshop?

Bhakti Life workshops are designed as complete weekend programs. Unlike a series of unrelated lectures, each section of the workshop builds upon the previous lessons and exercises. Consequently, missing parts of the workshop dramatically affects the learning and the benefits you receive. Plus, it disturbs the unity and energy of the seminar when participants don’t attend all sessions. For these reasons, we rarely allow those who cannot attend the entire workshop to attend.

Bhakti Life workshops are designed as a kind of retreat; you retreat from your normal routine and focus on your Krishna consciousness for an entire weekend. Since we are all very busy, dedicating an entire weekend to improving specific areas of our devotional lives is an incredibly important and powerful practice.

We formerly charged substantial fees for our courses. The result of this was that devotees took the workshops seriously. Yet, to make our workshops available to more devotees, we decided to only charge a small registration fee to cover our costs and ask participants to offer donations to maintain and expand our work. We feel this way of teaching, being in line with the brahminical culture of students supporting their teachers, is more pleasing to Srila Prabhupada.

However, this also posed a problem: when people don’t pay well for something, they often don’t take it seriously. To help remedy this problem we have done two things. First, we are informing you through this letter about the nature of our workshops so you understand the importance of attending all sessions . Secondly, we will plan our workshops well in advance (as far as possible) so that you have plenty of time to make the necessary preparations to free yourself for the entire weekend.

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